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Multi Product Purchase - Olive Oil Soap, Wooden Soap Dish & a Natural Unisex Lip Balm.


Multi Product Purchase - 1 x 110 gm - Australian made Olive Oil Soap - 4 types to choose from. We are very happy to now be a stockist of a small range of Dindi Naturals Olive Oil soaps. You can pick from either: Honeycomb - unscented - this soap is perfect for the very young or those who have sensitive skin. Orange Flower - this soap has the essential oil of ylang ylang (meaning flower of flowers), combined with a cocoa butter base with petitgrain which is derived from the woods and leaves of the bitter orange tree, along with sweet orange and tangerine. Lemongrass Tea- this soap has the calming lavender, spicy lemongrass and sweet floral geranium. Also added is some avocado oil and green tea to help smooth and detox the skin. Lavender & Sage - this soap is a combination of lavender and sage which make it a very relaxing scented soap. The combination of calming lavender and soothing lavandin (a hybrid created from lavender) provide a peaceful and relaxing soap. A little Spanish sage and marjoram round off the scent nicely to enhance a traditional favourite.
1x Wooden Soap Dish (good for all natural soaps - fits this soap).
and 1 x All Natural Unisex Lip Balm.