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Blended Massage & Bath Oils


Blended TGA Essential oils using Dawn View Olive Oil as the carrier oil. In 100ml bottles - in a lovely Relaxing Blend (Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Mandarin) may help with relaxation and sleep, a lovely Stress & Tension Relief Blend (Neroli, Jasmine & Geranium) may help with relieving stress and tension, a lovely Energy & Fatigue Blend (Peppermint, Basil & Thyme) may help with energy and fatigue levels and a lovely Sleep & Anxiety Blend (Clary Sage, Jasmine & Roman Chamomile) may help with sleep and anxiety problems. **Warning you do have to be careful not to go out in the sun after using Mandarin as it is photo sensitive.
For external use only, do not use near your eyes (use plain oil not blended), always do a skin test before using.